The ability to provide high quality, experienced, relevant and cost effective skills to our clients is the unique selling point of Sapro Solutions. Through our trusted network of associate consultants we are in the unusual position of being able to react in an agile and flexible way to our clients’ short, medium and long term resourcing requirements. This is why we have built up a client base of repeat business with organisations who weave us into their strategic project planning.

SAP Functional, Technical Resourcing

SAP solutions are at the core of our competence. We can provide you with application consulting as well as technical support across all
SAP domains from Basis through to the increasingly complex world of system integration. We also help organisations to fill roles such
as business analysts who are crucial to system adoption and execution in specific functional areas. We deliver flexible solutions for
short or longer term engagements – please give us a call so we can talk to you about our expertise in this area.

Emerging Technologies

As organisations decide to adopt emerging technologies, they often find the market to be resource constrained due to a surfeit of demand
over supply. It may not be possible to find niche resources through your existing System Integrator and this is where Sapro can help fill
specific gaps in your resourcing plan – either by placing them directly into your organisation or as we often do, working through your existing
SI. This level of flexibility and ability to find niche resources is something we pride ourselves on as a USP we bring to market.

Team augmentation both Permanent and Contract

The phrase “flexible” appears a lot in our profile. We find many of our clients often have multiple resourcing needs and cycles in tandem,
whether it is to backfill a maternity cover for a fixed term, provide a permanent resource into a specialist SAP team or bring key solution
expertise not already available in an organisation. Sapro Solutions have many years’ experience in facilitating just such requirements. We
are not a recruitment agency in the sense that all the vetting and validation of your requirements against our consultant pool happens on our
side and typically once a CV is provided to our client’s, that resource tends to be hired. This makes the process effective and efficient for you and for us.

Application and custom Development Support

Sapro Solutions offer a custom development capability which can be tailored to your business requirements. We can offer a range of services and delivery
via AGILE methodologies. We have delivered cutting-edge solutions for our clients incorporating SAP, Java, Microsoft, Google, php and technologies
to name but a few.

For more information on our Custom Development technologies or to discuss your requirements contact us.